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We Provide the Finest Metal Plating, Coating, and Polishing

We specialize in the finest, high-quality, and durable metal coatings, platings, finishes, polishes, degreasing, and color matching for surgical instruments, medical devices, dental equipment, food processing equipment, sporting goods, hardware and plumbing, automotive parts, and many other quality products. We offer a comprehensive menu of the finest metal coating, plating, and polishing solutions to enhance premium medal products.

NEW: Electroless Nickel Plating for Aluminum

Electroless Nickel: Endless Range of Finish Options For Aluminum

We now offer manufacturers of aluminum products a wide range of final finish options in terms of color and texture.

We are unique in providing both electrolytic and electroless plating, PVD and powder coating all under one roof for maximum production efficiency and quality control.

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Metal Finishes

We offer 105 of the finest metal finishes to enhance the quality and durability of premium metal products. We also offer custom metal finish colors for your specific application.

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Since 1992, we have been delivering metal finishing solutions to our clients. Contact us so we can deliver metal finishing solutions tailored to your needs.