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The Finest American Faucets

We manufacture premium faucets under our SIGMA, Reserve Collection, and Butler Architectural Collection brands. We also offer premium faucet valve brands.

If an excellent, well designed and engineered, stylish and awesomely finished American faucet is your dream, Sigma by American Faucet and Coatings Corporation is a faucet line you absolutely should look at.

American Faucet is a quiet company that rarely advertises but lets its well-designed, high-quality faucets speak for themselves. The fact that they speak well for themselves is evident from their sterling reputation in the interior design and architectural communities.

The brand, however, is not well known among homeowners looking for a reasonably priced, American-designed, and -assembled faucet, and that's something that should change. Sigma is one line of faucets that deserves a lot more attention.

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