American Faucet and Coatings Corporation

OEM Faucetry

For over 20 years, we have been manufacturing the finest precision-engineered and skillfully-crafted faucets for leading faucet brands. We have also been applying the finest durable metal coatings, platings, finishes, and polishes for over 50 makers of premium metal products in the automotive, lighting, hardware, gaming, arms, and aerospace industries.


Below are some of our clients.

In addition to the brands above, we are partnered with many other brands of premium faucetry, hardware, lighting, and metal products.

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We design and manufacture the world's finest, precision-crafted, custom-designed kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures. We can mix and match from different faucet styles and dozens of metal finishes to give you the result that you desire. Or let us custom design and build the exact faucets that you desire. Tell us your faucetry requirements, budget, and timeframe and we will fulfill it.

OEM Sales and Service

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Charles C. Butler, Founder